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Glass of WaterHi, I am The Waterlady.

Safe drinking water is vital. In this part of Ontario many home owners rely on well or lake water that is not treated by a municipality to render it potable.  For private home owners the decision to treat their water is largely an individual choice although often, a mortgage holder, will require that the water is tested and treated if necessary.

If you operate a camp, resort, restaurant or other business where the public consumes water or food prepared on site, then you will have to comply with one or more of several pieces of legislation.

That’s where I come in. I am fully certified to operate your treatment system. I offer professional and knowledgeable advice with regards to the regulations and requirements for all Systems. I can attend an MOE or Health Unit inspection at your site. I can prepare all of the required documentation and reports that your site requires and can submit them, as your appointed representative, on your behalf.

I am The Waterlady and I offer you Technical Assistance 24/7. I have a network of local professionals and suppliers and can  resolve most issues that could arise in a timely and cost effective manner.

I am located in  Muskoka and service all of Muskoka, East Parry Sound, The Haliburton Highlands and Algonquin Park.  Let me take the worry out of your water treatment.


Helen Payne