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The Waterlady - Water Pouring into BottlePrivate well water testing

Local Health Units recommend that every private resident have their well or lake water tested regularly to ensure it is potable.

You can get a sample bottle from your local health unit, take a sample and deliver it to a local lab for testing… however it is vital that the sample site be sterilized and the sample be taken in a manner that no contamination occurs.

I have taken thousands of samples at sites and you can be confident that your water sample is free of any cross contamination. You can certainly do this test yourself.,but your time is valuable … why not have me, The Waterlady, come right to your home or cottage; take the test and look after the rest?

When the results are completed I will interpret them and provide a copy of the analysis for you. You will be reminded when your next test is due and you will feel confident that your drinking water is safe from ecoli or coliforms.

Your water may be potable but is it pleasant to drink? I can also sample your water for  a full metal scan and other analysis’ to determine your waters specific characteristics and help you determine what treatment may be required.